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Embrace the transformative potential of your Hawaii property with our expert ADU home addition services. Transform your lot into a multifaceted living space, providing added functionality, value, and island charm.

ADU Home Additions expand, enhance, and elevate

Our in-house regulatory and design team handles engineering, code compliance, and permitting. And as a fully-bonded and licensed contractor, our services include demolition, foundation work, and utilities.

Earning cash with your home

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Capitalize on Hawaii's tourism by offering a cozy, private rental space.

Rental Income

Accommodate growing families, guests, or create a dedicated space for leisure or work.

Flexible Living

Reduce urban sprawl and make efficient use of existing space, aligning with eco-conscious values.


Elevate your property's worth in Hawaii's bustling real estate market.

Property Value

Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Unit in Hawaii

  • In the following zones: R-3.5, R-5, R-7.5, R10, R20, if the lot size is at least 3,500 sq.ft.

  • 400 sq.ft. for lots under 4,999 sq.ft. and 800 sq.ft. for lots 5,000 sq.ft. or larger

  • Two stories or 30 ft.

Hawaii ADU
Permits & Regulations
Hawaii Home Remodel Team

Designer, engineer, permit expeditor, and general contractor - All-In-One.

Many homeowners in Hawaii have enough space to add an ADU. Let us help you create a space to build family, community, and wealth.

We Are Licensed Contractors For Your Project.

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